Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rising Demand for Rare Maps as Global Economy Is `Deteriorating Quickly'

Assorted Podcasts;

UC's Hamilton Says Global Economy Is `Deteriorating Quickly'

Arader, Art Dealer, Sees Rising Demand for Rare Maps
W. Graham Arader III of Arader Galleries, a rare map dealer, talks and Seymour Schwartz's book, ``The Mismapping of America.''

Grant Sees U.S. Working Toward `Disastrous Inflation'
James Grant, editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, talks with Bloomberg's Tom Keene about his new book, ``Mr. Market Miscalculates: The Bubble Years and Beyond,'' inflation risk in the U.S., business failures and financial history, and Federal Reserve monetary policy.

The Age of Austerity: Keynes and the Crisis
Speakers: Lord Robert Skidelsky, Emeritus Professor of Political Economy, University of Warwick, politician and prize-winning biographer of JM Keynes; Martin Wolf, Associate Editor, Financial Times; Dr Andrew Lilico, Managing Director, Europe Economics; Lord Meghnad Desai, economist, politician and author of Marx's Revenge: The Resurgence of Capitalism and the Death of Statist Socialism; John Naish, journalist and author.

Advising America`s Next President: The Future of American Leadership

Advising America`s Next President: Fixing Global Finance

The Economics of the Recession

Gut Feelings: short cuts to better decision making

From Poverty to Power: What will be the role of aid in 2020?

Generation Y and the financial crisis

The history of trade
William Bernstein in his new book A Splendid Exchange - how trade shaped the world argues that while most history is about raiding, in the form of wars, it ought to pay more attention to trading.

Myths of the Great Depression
The recent collapse in the value of the stock market has certainly evoked comparisons with earlier eras. But was it greed that caused the stock market in 1929 to overshoot then crash, or was it easy credit?
Andrew Wilson examines some of myths about the Great Depression.

Could the publication practices of scientific journals be distorting the scientific endeavour?

Economic gangsters
Raymond Fisman and Edward Miguel spent years investigating the dark side of global economic development. They combined economic analysis with detective work and followed the foreign aid money trail into the hands of corrupt governments and shady underworld cheats. They labelled these characters economic gangsters. So who are they and why do they matter?

Stormy weather: climate change and Tuvalu

Climate pricing

As a resource economist, Michael Hanemann deals with the supply, demand and allocation of resources. This subfield of economics is interested in the primary sector of the economy, and is trying to better understand the role of all natural resources in the economy and plan how to manage them.

A miracle in the Indian Ocean
The Maldives have been advertised as a tourist paradise but, behind the luxurious image, the lives of its people have been crushed by an autocratic president. Last month everything changed, when the first ever democratic elections were held.

Boom and Bust

Extraordinary Cases in psychology: Part 1 of 4 - The story of Kitty Genovese

Extraordinary Cases in psychology: Part 2 of 4 - The wild boy of Aveyron

Extraordinary Cases in Psychology: Part 3 of 4—The man with the hole in his head

The philosophy of cold hard cash

Scapegoats and sacrifices - Rene Girard

Martha Nussbaum - Part 1 - The Social Contract

Martha Nussbaum - Part 2 - Thinking about Animals

Health care in the next US administration

Testosterone and low female libido

The meaning of life

I wish I had become a scientist

The Managing Director of Centurion Enterprise Management Services in Victoria, Dr Ron Harper, wonders what might have been if he had chosen a career as a scientist. However, he chose a career in management and today tells us what makes a good and efficient manager

He became known as the Luther of medicine for his reformist medical practices, but Paracelsus, who was born in Switzerland in 1493, was also a religious man

Tel Dan and the Golden Calf
In northern Israel, the late archaeologist Avraham Biran discovered the ancient site of Dan, settled by the warrior tribe of Dan. Here, Biran discovered an ancient Canaanite Gate, the altar to the Golden Calf, and the only stone inscription of "The House of David". Archaeological tour guide, Walter Zanger tells the story on location

A Sufi Sheikh in Jerusalem

Peter Stothard, editor of the Times Literary Supplement

The poetry of Robert Adamson
The 'Huck Finn of the Hawkesbury' is how Robert Adamson was described by one reviewer when his first book was published in 1970. He's one of Australia's leading contemporary poets and a successful writer, editor and publisher. His autobiography Inside Out won the New South Wales Premier's History Award, and he received the Christopher Brennan Award for lifetime achievement in literature. Robert Adamson's new collection of poetry The Golden Bird brings together the best of his published work as well as many new poems.

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