Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Positionng the WBI as a global knowledge leader on development

Interesting Job from World Bank;

The World Bank Institute (WBI) is embarking upon an exciting, major renewal process to scale up its development impact, play a key catalytic role in the Bank's knowledge and learning agenda, and help position the Bank as a global knowledge leader on development. With the appointment of a new Vice President, WBI is looking to recruit three Directors who will constitute the new senior leadership team to lead this renewal and scale up WBI's impact.

The new vision for WBI is as a dynamic catalyst for development, which inspires policymakers to undertake innovative reforms in frontier areas, wholesales cutting-edge global knowledge and learning informed by local conditions through regional centers of excellence, connects practitioners across regions for knowledge exchange around shared problems, and facilitates transformative learning including multi-stakeholder consensus-building, change management processes and leadership capacity building to help achieve results on the ground.

WBI is a microcosm of the World Bank, supporting knowledge and learning across regions in all the key sectors of Bank work, including poverty reduction and economic management, finance and private sector development, governance, human development and sustainable development. WBI also houses a pedagogical and e-learning unit, including the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) and multimedia services, as well as units for regional coordination, external partnerships, monitoring and evaluation, scholarships, communications and resource management. WBI has 200 staff and a Bank budget of $55 million.

Job Description
The three Director positions being advertized are: Director, Innovation and Change Management, the Director, Knowledge and Learning, and the Director, Operations and Partnerships. The three Directors will work in tandem with the Vice President as WBI's senior management team to manage the business of WBI.
• The Director, Innovation and Change Management, will be responsible for managing the business lines of incubation (including the Development Marketplace) and change management, including mainstreaming governance and political economy, multi-stakeholder consensus building and leadership capacity building in traditional learning programs to foster transformative learning for stronger results on the ground.
• The Director, Knowledge and Learning will be responsible for the principal business line of developing and delivering state-of-the-art global knowledge and learning programs in key areas of strategic priority, including macro, finance and private sector development, and sustainable development.
• The Director, Operations and Partnerships will be responsible for managing the business line of facilitating knowledge exchange integrating cutting-edge pedagogical methodologies (e-learning, multimedia) in traditional knowledge and learning programs; mobilizing and managing finance, including fee-for-service, programmatic donor support, scholarship programs and overseeing vital fiduciary functions.

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