Saturday, December 13, 2008

Assorted Explainers

Errors and omissions in the balance of payments

The current account deficit in an international and historical context

How Law and Economics was Marketed in a Hostile World: A Very Personal History

A New Political Science;
Last week’s victory by President Elect Barack Obama unleashed a global groundswell of positive vibes. Most of the emotional outpouring was directed at the striking achievement of this U.S. election, but it might as well have been a moving tribute to the powerful advances in social engagement marketing, as deployed by Obama’s campaign.

Beginning with his February 2007 meeting with Netscape founder and Facebook board member Marc Andreessen, Obama has displayed an impressive ability to harness the forces of burgeoning new social media. Quite remarkable, because Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were barely a glimmer in their founders’ eyes during the 2004 election.

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