Saturday, December 20, 2008

Carnival of Podcasts

Guha Says Indian Muslim Response to Mumbai Terrorism `Heroic'

Marvin Goodfriend Says Fed to Focus on Inflation After Crisis

Goodhart Recommends `Aggressive' Bank of England Policy

Meghnad Desai Says India `Unprepared' For Terrorist Attacks

UC's Hamilton Says Global Economy Is `Deteriorating Quickly'

AIG's Frenkel Says Global Collaboration Needed in Crisis

Navigating Global Economic and Financial Change

Speaker: Mohamed A El-Erian; Chair: Professor Willem Buiter

The Conceptions of Social Policy: Universalism vs. Targeting

Global Cooperation and Sustainable Development-Sachs

A Discussion of the Global Financial Crisis

The history of trade

William Bernstein in his new book A Splendid Exchange - how trade shaped the world argues that while most history is about raiding, in the form of wars, it ought to pay more attention to trading.

Economic gangsters

Enron's Spectacular Collapse

Controlling pornography

Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 60

Iceland's Meltdown

Taking liberties: John Milton and the English language

Teaching children to be philosophers
How young is too young to think philosophically? Philosophers like Philip Cam from the University of New South Wales say there's no developmental reason why primary school age children can't be taught to think and to reason, and that developing these skills has a significant effect on their lives both in and out of the classroom.

Doing without a ruler: in defence of anarchism

Public sector whistleblowers

Freeman Dyson
Prof Freeman Dyson of Princeton has long been a critic of climate change orthodoxies. Here he talks of his life as a daring proposer of ideas - such as the genetically modified trees to soak up carbon dioxide and kites flying in Antarctica to cause more snowfall and abate sea level rise

How Nations Prosper: Economic Freedom and Doing Business around the World

Future Imperfect: Technology and Freedom in an Uncertain World

Let Failing African Governments Collapse: A Radical Solution to Underdevelopment

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