Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dept of Why Not?

Now the cellphone industry is trying its own approach. The theory is that you will browse for deals when you are at the store, or maybe receive deal alerts when you are nearby, and simply use the phone as a virtual coupon when you are at the cashier.

The idea has lots of promise. Whether it’s worth your while depends on where you live, how much you use the products featured by these coupon services and how much work you’re willing to do for a bargain.

Of the services emerging in the nascent cellular-coupon industry, two — Cellfire and 8Coupons — offer good examples of the state of the art. Both are free, and will work on virtually any phone, but the experience can be disappointing if you use one of the services in the wrong place.

-Cents-Off Coupons and Other Special Deals, via Your Cellphone

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