Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tajikistan- invaded by consultants?

This assignment is part of the Public Sector Reform Project (PSRP), funded by the International Development Association's (IDA) grant. The aim of the project is to implement key aspects of the 2006 Government's Public Administration Reform Strategy (PARS). The Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan (EOP) intends to apply part of the grant proceeds for consulting services to conduct Vertical Functional Reviews of seven Ministries.

The PAR Strategy envisages streamlining through functional reviews functions and structures of the central government, local state authorities and local self-governance. The functional reviews shall develop recommendations for improved allocation of functions and competences for effective policy implementation and effective delivery and accessibility of public services.

- Vertical Functional Reviews of Seven Ministries

Developing Methods and Procedures for Performance Appraisal of Civil Servants

Development of the Public Financial Management Strategy

The objective of the assignment is to assist the government of Tajikistan, in particular the Ministry of Finance to (1) improve Budget Classification and Chart of Accounts in compliance with the international standards; (2) conduct functional reviews of the public financial system, including the analysis of gaps and issues in the existing systems and proposed changes to business process; and (3) develop a Public Financial Management Strategy and an action plan that will provide a basis for modernization of public financial management in Tajikistan.

Public Sector Reform TA

Conduction of a horizontal functional review of state power bodies of the Republic of Tajikistan

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