Monday, November 24, 2008


Time for a change at the Fed

Dueling outlooks

My Understanding of TIPS

Competitive Sourcing Continues to Fail

Inflation Should Be Just Around the Corner

But let us be honest. Attempting to increase inflation may not work, particularly if private-sector spending does not respond. The policy response that is in the works is likely to be massive. But what we have already seen over the past 12 months is unprecedented and, to date, not very effective.

So what do markets think? Last week they weren't sure. At the close on Friday, inflation-linked bonds priced in only 0.2 percent average inflation for the next ten years; this sounds like a deflationary spiral. However, the world's oldest inflation hedge, gold, rose sharply, suggesting that some investors think we will soon be successfully inflating. Let's hope the gold market is right.

Balance sheets and income statements: breaking the downward spiral

Addressing the Economic Crisis while Renewing Our Commitment to Fight Climate Change

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