Saturday, November 22, 2008

How to be an expert in PFM?

The assignment is for an ex-post evaluation of the Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Finance of Sierra Leone. This project was intended to provide capacity support to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, given the low capacity at the Ministry at the end of the war. Following the monitoring mission undertaken by the EC, an external mid-term evaluation was carried out at the request of the EC delegation and complying with provisions in the Financing Agreement.

- The Expert should have a relevant master's degree in Financial Management.

- Public Financial Management experience (10 years) in strategic planning, financial programming, institutional and organisational development and evaluations, project performance measurement.

- Minimum of 10 years experience in developing countries.

- The expert must have previous experience in project evaluation in the Economic sector, preferably with regard to EC funded projects. S/he must be familiar with the logframe and with evaluation of institutional strengthening programmes.

Ministry of Finance/UNDP Launch joint programme support to MTEF

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