Sunday, November 9, 2008

Guess the author of this book

The End of Prosperity: How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy--If We Let It Happen

This is confirmed by a brief search on Amazon, which yielded the following books - most published within the last ten years. “The End of Poverty” by Jeff Sachs, “The End of History” by Francis Fukuyama, “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris, “The End of Food” and “The End of Oil”, both by Paul Roberts, “The End of Lawyers” by Richard Susskind, “The End of Fashion” by Teri Agins, “The End of Days” by Zacahria Sitkin, “The End of Human Rights” by Costas Douzinkas, two books called “The End of Globalisation” - one by Harold James and one by Alan Rugman, “The End of Nature” by Bill McKibben, “The End of Work” by Jeremy Rifkin, “The End of Medicine” by Andy Kessler, “The End of Memory” by Miroslav Wolff, “The End of Science” by John Horgan and “The End of the Poem” by Paul Muldoon.

These books share more than just a cliched title. They are also all clearly implausible. Look through that list and ask yourself is it really possible that any of the above will actually come to an end?

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