Sunday, November 9, 2008

Assorted on transition

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IBM- Presidential Transition site

Council for Excellence in Government transition site

A Survivor's Guide for Presidential Nominees

GSA's Role in Presidential Transition

Lost in Transition

Getting It Done: A Guide for Government Executives

Memo to President Elect -Darrell West, The Brookings Institution
In the weeks ahead, you face several important tasks. You must:

* unify the country
* staff your administration
* identify your priorities
* address immediate and crucial policy challenges, and
* fix our political system.

All these imperatives require leadership, coalition-building, implementation and communications.

Memo to the POTUS-elect from Mankiw
Pay attention to the government’s budget constraint. The nation faces a long-term imbalance between government spending and tax revenue. The fundamental problem is that the federal government has promised the elderly more benefits than the tax system can support. This fiscal imbalance will become acute as more baby boomers retire and start collecting Social Security and Medicare.

Yet during the campaign, you promised that you would cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans, that you would vastly expand health insurance coverage, and that you would never cut Social Security benefits or raise the retirement age. You will almost surely have to renege on some of these promises. As your economic team will often remind you, even if the laws of arithmetic are ignored during campaigns, they provide a real constraint when making actual policy.

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