Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fiscal Retrenching in New York

# The work force will be cut by 3,000 employees, about 600 through layoffs and the remainder through attrition.
# The Police Department’s peak headcount will be reduced by 1,000, and the Police Academy class planned for January 2009 will be canceled. A July 2009 Police Academy class, which will graduate 2,000 new officers, is still planned.
# Nighttime shifts will be eliminated at five engine companies in firehouses where ladder companies will remain fully staffed. The firefighting training academy for probationary firefighters will be reduced from 23 weeks to 18 weeks.
# The city’s contribution to the Department of Education budget will be reduced by $181 million this year and $385 million next year. The cuts include the elimination of 475 positions.
# The mayor’s office will be reduced by 10 percent through attrition.
# The city will save $20 million on city vehicles through various administrative means.
# The city’s Administration for Children’s Services will reduce the number of child protective supervisor positions by 127.
# Subsidies to libraries and cultural institutions will be cut by 2.5 percent this year and 5 percent next year — amounting to an $11 million reduction in city funds for cultural institutions and the reduction of average library hours from 6 days to 5.5 days per week.

-Bloomberg Announces Layoffs and Tax Increase

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