Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tuvalu to get an MTEF

ADB to Help Tuvalu Strengthen Public Financial Management and Good Governance
“The Improved Public Financial Management Program will assist Tuvalu with fiscal stability, improve public enterprise performance, and boost business and public confidence in the government’s financial management and governance systems,” said ADB Country Specialist Emma Ferguson.

ADB is providing a grant of $3.24 million sourced from the concessional Asian Development Fund (ADF).


Tuvalu: Capacity Development for Public Financial Management
The Government of Tuvalu (the Government) has adopted a set of five performance benchmark indicators (PBIs) developed jointly by it, the Asian Development Bank, the Australian Agency for International Development, and New Zealand International Aid and Development. The PBIs track the achievement of the stated social outcomes with a focus on improved financial management and fiscal consolidation. The PBIs are as follows:
(i) Benchmark 1.1. The Government’s recurrent expenditure each year should not exceed the total of its recurrent revenue plus a sustainable Tuvalu Trust Fund (TTF) distribution (consolidated investment fund drawdown).
(ii) Benchmark 1.2. The target minimum value of funds retained in the consolidated investment fund should not be less than 16% of the maintained value of the TTF at the beginning of the TTF year, to ensure that sustainable distribution is available to help finance annual budgets.
(iii) Benchmark 1.3. The Government’s total debt liability, both domestic and external, should not at any time exceed 60% of the gross domestic product, as specified in Te Kakeega II.
(iv) Benchmark 2.1. In 2008, the Government will increase its budgeted non-salary expenditure on basic education by at least 5%.
(v) Benchmark 2.2. In 2008, the Government will increase its budgeted non-salary expenditure on primary and preventative health services by at least 5%.

See also there Development Coordination Matrix (page 59)

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