Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This and That

Arnold Kling doesn’t know modern macro

Junk Macroeconomic Science

From Dark Age to Renaissance

A Pat on the Back for Macro

CBO: Why Deficits Still Matter, Even Now

Sachs: A Fiscal Straitjacket

Vox’s Global Crisis Debate

Supply Curves Slope Up. Demand Curves Slope Down

Keynes and FDR;
In 1934, the British economist John Maynard Keynes visited Roosevelt in the White House to make his case for more deficit spending. But Roosevelt, it seems, was either unimpressed or uncomprehending. “He left a whole rigmarole of figures,” Roosevelt complained to his labor secretary, Frances Perkins, according to her memoir. “He must be a mathematician rather than a political economist.”

Keynes left equally disenchanted, telling Ms. Perkins that he had “supposed the president was more literate, economically speaking.”

First impressions from the Davos blogosphere

Five Reasons Why Fiscal Policy Might Be Completely Ineffective: A Textbook Exposition

A Dark Age of macroeconomics (wonkish)

Ricardian Equivalence Does Not Imply That Obama’s Fiscal Stimulus Will Be Ineffective

International bright young things

Why Latvia Needs To Devalue Soon - A Reply To Christoph Rosenberg

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