Friday, January 16, 2009

Iraq IFMIS to be operational in 2009

We are making progress in modernizing public financial management (PFM). The Board of Supreme Audit (BSA) has completed the audit of the final accounts of the federal budget for 2005 and the audit of the final accounts for 2006 is underway. We have submitted the final accounts of the federal budget for 2007 to the BSA in October. The audit reports will be submitted to the Council of Representatives and published. We have also adopted, in consultation with the Fund and the World Bank, a three-year action plan that identifies priority measures to modernize PFM, notably as regards budget preparation, execution and reporting; cash management; public procurement; cash management; and the accounting framework. We will step up our efforts to put in place, in cooperation with USAID, the renewed Iraq Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), in order to make this system fully operational in 2009.

14. We have completed about 25 percent of the data collection for the census of public service employees at end-October, but finalization of the project is being delayed due to technical problems. We will make all efforts to have the census completed by end-January 2009. After completion of the census we will move swiftly to eliminate ghost workers and adopt an action plan to computerize the payroll, as a first step for a comprehensive civil service reform. In parallel, the BSA has begun a project to verify the personnel records in line ministries, in order to clean up the existing payroll.

-Iraq: Letter of Intent and Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies


Integrated Financial Management Information Systems: A Practical Guide

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