Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Special Announcement- Nominations for BH Economics Blog Awards 2009

Nominations are now open- Bayesian Heresy Economics Blog Awards 2009; post your nominations in the comments.

Here are the categories from last year.

The Best Multilateral Blog is IMF's PFM blog - thanks to Michel Lazare for the kind words of encouragement (which of course affected our decision to award )-;

The MTEF Blog (see our August 22 post "Welcome to the new MTEF blog") now goes by the name "MTEF is the Bayesian Heresy." This results from the merge in principle on January 1 (but already effective in practice) of the MTEF blog with the Bayesian Heresy Blog (see in particular the December 8 posting of the Bayesian Heresy "announcing a bail out and a merge."

De facto, the Bayesian Heresy blog had not published many posts over the last few months. The MTEF blog has already inherited the rather eclectic choice of topics of the Bayesian Heresy blog, while keeping a marked for fiscal issues in general (see in particular its recent posts on MTEF and on performance budgeting). We wish full success to this new version of the MTEF blog.

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Leigh Caldwell said...

I notice one of last year's categories was UK blogs. I have just compiled an up-to-date list of UK economics blogs so if you'd like to use it to pick your nominees, here it is. I've put some effort into making it fairly comprehensive but any additions would be welcome.