Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Political and Economic Update (Nepal)
Longer-term growth and development prospects hinge on the establishment of lasting peace and political stability as well as preserving macroeconomic stability and continuity of key economic reforms. Although the new Government has yet to announce a detailed policy and development agenda, the Common Minimum Program agreed between the coalition partners suggests that they will not deviate significantly from the strategic thrusts of the current Three- Year Interim Plan. The Plan seeks to reduce poverty and widening inequality through reconstruction, rehabilitation, and reintegration, pro-poor and broad-based economic growth, good governance and effective service delivery, social and infrastructure development, and an inclusive development process. However, the new Government is likely to come under pressure to deal with sensitive issues such as integration of former combatants and high oil and food prices in ways that could jeopardize fiscal sustainability and macroeconomic stability. There is also a risk that private investment could decline if the new Government fails to improve the enabling environment through concrete policy measures.

Dealing with the Proliferation of Bilateral Trade Agreements: Consolidation, Multilateralization, Harmonization, or Dilution? (No. 123) (Regional)

Inflation in Developing Asia: Demand-Pull or Cost-Push? (No. 121) (Regional)

What Constrains Indian Manufacturing? (No. 119) (India)

Governance Reform Program (First Phase) (Mongolia)

Program Agreement for Assam Governance and Public Resource Management Sector Development Program

Proposed Loan and Technical Assistance Grant: Assam Governance and Public Resource Management Sector Development Program (Subprogram II) (India)

Preparing the Strengthening Higher Education Project (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) (Lao People's Democratic Republic)

Eligibility of State-owned Road Enterprises for Participation in ADB-financed Projects (Uzbekistan, Republic of)

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