Monday, September 22, 2008

GFS data quality in Dominica

Statistical capacity problems affect the timely production of quality government finance statistics. In particular, the data are subject to frequent revisions stemming in part from omissions and misclassifications. Data on central government operations are incomplete and must be supplemented with additional information from external sources. For instance, some operations are undertaken outside the consolidated fund. These include certain investment spending, loan and grant receipts, and on-lending and transfers to public enterprises. As a result, capital expenditure data, recorded by the Treasury, must be supplemented with additional donor financing information, particularly because the public sector investment program (PSIP) data are not timely. Delays in the reporting of the PSIP data reportedly stem from reporting delays from the line ministries.

Several ongoing initiatives to strengthen expenditure management, should help minimize the extent of this problem. There is an ongoing effort to automate the expenditure execution process. A new automation technology installed in all line ministries in 2005 should allow all local purchase orders (LPOs) to be electronically generated and tracked. Commitments are charged against a specific budget allocation once the LPOs are generated. All ministries and suppliers of goods and services are compelled to use the new system. Only limited financing data are available. Although progress has been made in improving the measurement of the government's debt, there are concerns that there is still some under-recording of government commitments.

The authorities do not provide consolidated nonfinancial public sector data. Data for the rest of the public sector—Dominica Social Security and the public enterprises—must be obtained directly from each entity during Fund Article IV consultation missions.

No government finance data are reported to STA for publication in the International Financial Statistics (IFS) or the Government Finance Statistics (GFS) Yearbook.

via Dominica: 2008 Article IV Consultation - Staff Report

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