Thursday, September 4, 2008

Latest edition of OECD Journal of Budgeting

Volume 8 (2008)Number 2:
The Role of the State and Public Finance in the Next Generation / Budgeting in Russia / Budgeting in Estonia / Budgeting in Australia

The Role of the State and Public Finance in the Next Generation
Abstract;This article discusses the economic role of the state as it evolved during the 20th century, starting with how current tax systems developed and how fiscal termites can weaken the foundations of tax systems, examining the spending side of the government role, and speculating on future developments, particularly in the Latin American context. by Vito TANZI

Budgeting in Russia

Abstract;Russia's budgeting procedures have been in transition since the adoption of the Budget Code in 1998. Major revisions of the Code were undertaken in 2003, 2004 and 2007. This article explores the many facets of budgeting in the Russian Federation, including budget formulation, parliamentary approval, budget execution, accounting and auditing, and financial relations between levels of government.
by Dirk-Jan Kraan, Daniel Bergvall, Ian Hawkesworth, Valentina Kostyleva and Matthias Witt.

Budgeting in Estonia
Abstract;Since independence, Estonia has been at the forefront of institutional reform in the area of financial management. Budget formulation is divided into two distinct stages: strategic planning and preparation of the annual budget that is submitted to Parliament. This article describes key characteristics of budgeting in Estonia, including the development of the State Budget Strategy, the parliamentary process, the organisation of budget execution, and systems for accounting and auditing.
By Dirk-Jan Kraan, Joachim Wehner and Kirsten Richter

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