Saturday, September 6, 2008

Podcast of the Day- Dueling Tax Plans

Dueling Tax Plans: What Would McCain and Obama Do?
A conversation with the candidates' top economic advisers
Featured Speakers

* Austin Goolsbee, senior economic policy adviser, Obama ’08
* Douglas Holtz-Eakin, senior economic policy adviser, John McCain 2008

Analysis of the Candidates’ Tax Plans

* Len Burman, director, Tax Policy Center, and senior fellow, Urban Institute

On Dividend Taxes, It’s a Post-Partisan Race -Mankiw
BARACK OBAMA is often described as a post-partisan politician who transcends traditional ideological divides. Is it true? At least when it comes to one small but important aspect of tax policy — the treatment of corporate dividends — the answer appears to be yes. Without much fanfare or public notice, Senator Obama has embraced a central element of the Republican agenda.

Obama Economic Advisor Goes on Offense Against McCain

Report from the RNC Tax Policy Forum with Austan Goolsbee and John Taylor
In Joel Slemrod's presentation, he asked how a non-economist could evaluate the potential effects of the candidates' proposals on the economy. (By the way, Joel's book Taxing Ourselves, A Citizen's Guide to the Debate over Taxes is by far the best popular guide to the topic.) He said that an imperfect but plausible approach is just to compare the records of the Clinton and Bush presidencies.

If McCain’s Tax Cuts Will Create Jobs, Why Haven’t Bush’s?

Will Trickle Down Policies Help "All Americans"?

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