Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is this corruption- Egyptian reformist minister becomes World Bank MD?

Egyptian minister becomes World Bank's Managing Director;

“Mahmoud Mohieldin has proven himself a tireless reformer whose work on economic and financial reform helped Egypt weather the global financial crisis. An outstanding young leader, his first hand experience of development and of the World Bank -- both as Minister and as World Bank Governor -will serve us well as we undertake our own reform program and scale-up our client focus,” said Zoellick.

No it's not. He was a regular feature on World Bank's PREM Weeks and other events. A PhD from Warwick, it's an excellent choice. Congratulations Mr.Mohieldin. A true practioner in every sense.

Interview with H. E. Mahmoud Mohieldin
We put specific timelines. We didn’t really hesitate to continue with the reforms despite the criticism at the beginning, and I have to admit that we are very lucky, because when we were conducting these reform measures, we were expecting that their impact on investment and growth was going to be taking at least three to four years. It actually took around two to three years, because of the benign emerging markets environment, and the fact that the economy at large was recovering from a long period of recession. And so with elements of recovery, a benign emerging markets environment, and credible economic policies, we managed to achieve what we have achieved so far...

It’s led by the minister of finance, with my membership, the minister of economic development, minister of trade and industry, governor of central bank.We meet every Monday evening.
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