Monday, September 20, 2010

Economic Growth Officers' Conference

Didn't know USAID had economic growth officers- I wonder what Prof. Easterly would say about it. Anyway I have collated some of the the podcasts of the sessions below- Romer's session is highly recommended.

Technology Drive Growth, Rules Drive Development
Paul Romer, Stanford University
Steve Radelet, Department of State

The Millennium Development Goals: The Road to 2015

Global Climate Change: Impact on Agriculture and Costs of Adaptation

Global Climate Change: Leveraging Investment Flows for Mitigation

Reinventing Government: Designing Programs to Enhance Public Sector Effectiveness and Performance
H.E. Minister Imad Fakhoury, Ministry of Public Sector Development, Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Ms. Widad Qutaishat, Results-Oriented Government Component Lead, USAID/Jordan Fiscal Reform II Project, DAI
Dr. Emil Bolongaita, Director, Management Systems International
Moderator: Dr. Mark Gallagher, Chief of Party, USAID/Jordan Fiscal Reform II Project, DAI

A Behavioral Approach to Economic Development
Sendhil Mullainathan, Poverty Action Lab and Harvard University
Michael Kremer, Harvard University

Government ICT Applications that Save Businesses Time and Money
Valentina Mintah, Crown Agents
Efrain Laureano, Chemonics International

Accelerating Job Creation and Growth
Steve Kapsos, ILO/Geneva
Mary Hobbs, USAID/Kosovo
Eduardo Tugendhat, CARANA Corporation
Lili Stern, U.S. Department of Labor

Access to Innovative Financial Services

World Bank’s Doing Business Indicators: Lessons Learned and New Directions
Svetlana Baguadinova, Doing Business Project, The World Bank
Rita Ramalho, Enterprise Analysis Unit, The World Bank
Carolin Geginat, The World Bank

Monitoring and Evaluation for Economic Growth

Shared Growth Diagnostics: Finding the Binding Constraint to Growth and Poverty Reduction

USAID Economic Growth Programming: Ultimate Impacts

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