Saturday, October 11, 2008

IMF Seminar on Financial Turmoil

An interesting and timely seminar from IMF;

Do the unprecedented events in financial markets and the policy responses seen recently signal a turning point towards restoring global financial stability? If not, what would be appropriate responses? Are more joint effort efforts the international level required?

How long will the growth slowdown persist and will it worsen as a consequence of recent events in financial markets? What policies or forces will drive the recovery, and what form will it take? Will commodity prices escalate as soon as a recovery begins?

Emerging markets have been affected by the transmission of financial market turmoil in the U.S. and have also faced increased inflation pressures. What additional steps might be required to minimize additional spillover effects?

Looking ahead, how is the global financial services industry likely to be re-shaped? Is the era of financial engineering and disintermediation of banks over? What should be the future objectives of financial regulation and how should regulatory frameworks change? Should the concept of national versus multilateral regulation be rethought given financial globalization? If so, how?

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