Friday, October 10, 2008

Assorted Podcasts

Do schoolchildren and students know how to research?

Population control
Are you worried about the future of the environment, or war, or hordes of refugees? The solution is not to manipulate population growth. Past results have been tragic, and ineffectual. Historian Professor Matthew Connelly of Columbia University proposes some alternatives.

Cloud computing

Remittances - flying money

1929 Revisited

Carbon Emission Trading: A way forward or the Emperor's new clothes?

A future for Belgium?

Since national elections fifteen months ago, Belgium has been in the grip of a profound political crisis, prompting speculation that the country might split. What has caused this political stalemate and what lies ahead for this deeply divided country?

Inside the minds of murderers and sex offenders

Pius XII, Hitler, and the Jews

The reading brain

The 2008 Presidential Election: Can the State Polls be Trusted?

Nudge: improving decisions about wealth, health and happiness

Commodity Prices, Capital Flows and the Financing of Investment
China`s reform as an indigenous institutional innovation

Skills, Rights and Resources in the East Asian Path to Development

The War for Wealth: The True Story of Globalization

Dixit's New Book Advocates Game Theory in Finance

Author Levitt Says Game-Theory Relates to Everyday Life

Schelling Says U.S. Should Encourage Investor Confidence

Morgan's Greenlaw Sees Increased Treasury Bond Supply

Skeptics on skeptical thinking

Good bugs gone bad
Science journalist Dr Peter Lavelle from ABC Health Online looks at the history of disease and some of the terrible epidemics that have swept through societies throughout history.

Paracetamol plus ibuprofen for treating fever in children

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