Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Assorted Financial Crisis Podcasts

Bill Poole Calls Fed Move to Buy Commercial Paper `Positive'

Michael Mussa Says Panic in Markets `Is the Clear Problem'

Stanford's Hall Calls U.S. Slowdown `Modern Recession'

Lazear Says U.S. Taking `Aggressive' Approach to Crisis

Brookings's Baily Says Crisis Will Take `Several Years' to Pass

Paul Krugman Sees U.S. Economy's Downturn `Accelerating'

Brandeis's Mann Says U.S. Needs to Recapitalize Banks

Varvares Says NABE Sees Better Housing Market in 2009

Skidelsky Says Governments Must Lead in Market Crisis

Roubini Sees `Silent' Run on Banks, Urges `Triage'

Central banks ‘key’ to stop recession

Crisis on Wall St.
A panel of Princeton economists chaired by Hyun Shin, Professor of Economics and associate chair of the Department of Economics. Panelists: Markus Brunnermeier, Professor of Economics; Harrison Hong, Professor in Finance; Paul Krugman, professor of economics and international affairs; Alan Blinder, Professor of Economics and Public Affairs and co‐director of the Center for Economic Policy Studies.

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