Friday, March 5, 2010

The Silo of World Bank Blogs

Two new additions to the World Bank blogs:

Prospects for Development

All About Finance

Advice to World Bankers: Please consolidate your blogs- may be it's a reflection of the Bank's management style? What do you think readers? Do include settings for blogger feeds in all the blogs.

Currrent Favorite Authors at IMF/World Bank Joint Library:

Stiglitz, Joseph E/ Reinhart, Carmen M. / Collier, Paul / Eichengreen, Barry J.
/ Wooldridge, Jeffrey M. / Yusuf, Shahid, (World Bank Staff)/ Sen, Amartya /Baum, Christopher F. / Ahmad, Ehtisham / StataCorp LP / Shephard, Neil / Pozen, Robert C./ Hayek, Friedrich A. von (Friedrich August) / Greene, William H. / Gladwell, Malcolm / Fabozzi, Frank J. / Cameron, Adrian Colin

1 comment:

Ryan Hahn said...

Almost all of the Bank's blogs can be seen in a single format here: I believe the only exceptions are the PSD Blog and the new blog, All About Finance.

As a general point, I don't think it makes sense to think of all the blogs as a single unit. The Bank is a large institution with experts covering many different areas. If I want to read about finance, I'd rather not have a lot of information on, say, ICT mixed in.