Sunday, March 28, 2010

Filling a $9 billion hole- an MTEF for New York?

One way to save New York's finances;
Years of decisions dictated by political expediency have led to a chronic budget imbalance that threatens our short-term solvency and long-term economic health.

Fortunately, Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch has put forward a plan to provide sorely needed oversight and discipline. He proposes to create a financial review board that would certify the budget only if it’s balanced. The board would employ a smart, multiyear strategy that would weigh significant cuts in spending against limited borrowing. And it would require Albany to adopt generally accepted accounting principles, the standard bookkeeping rules used in business.

According to the report, 'The State needs a multi-year financial planning process directly linked to the annual budget process.'

Another suggestion;
Finally, our short-term cash crunch would be eased if the state refinanced the interest rates on its tobacco-settlement bonds. Given current low long-term interest rates, this is preferable to Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch’s plan, under which the state would borrow $2 billion a year over three years for operations, leading us down a perilous road of annual borrowing.

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