Friday, January 8, 2010

Recently from World Bank

Malaysia economic monitor : repositioning for growth

Syrian Arab Republic - Electricity sector strategy note

Azerbaijan - Country economic memorandum : a new silk road - export-led diversification

Lithuania - Social sectors public expenditure review

Tanzania - Public expenditure review of the water sector

Mexico - Agriculture and rural development public expenditure review

Doing privatization right

Public-Private Partnership units : what are they, and what do they do

Reform teams

Seychelles - Public expenditure review

Legal frameworks for tertiary education in Sub-Saharan Africa : the quest for institutional responsiveness

Comparing European and U.S. securities regulations : MiFID versus corresponding U.S. regulations

Accounting for growth in Latin America and the Caribbean : improving corporate financial reporting to support regional economic development

Uzbekistan - Assessment of the primary health care reform : transparency, accountability, and efficiency

Organization of Eastern Caribbean States - Increasing linkages of tourism with the agriculture, manufacturing, and service sectors

The Afghanistan investment climate in 2008 : growth despite poor governance, weak factor markets, and lack of innovation

Costa Rica - Competitiveness diagnostic and recommendations

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