Sunday, January 10, 2010


Landsburg's Heroes of All Time

66 percent of the time
And it also occurred me that while students see the professor while he or she is teaching, they only witness about 66% of what goes into teaching.

Medical Statistics Don't Always Mean What They Seem to Mean

Paul Romer's Errors

Experiments in industrial policy
As much as fixed costs matter, the real barrier to firm growth in poor countries could be management. A good manager is partly one with training, experience, and a sense of best practice. A lot of a factory’s success comes down to management as a technology, though. Organizing a production floor, ensuring quality and efficient production: these are less a product of a single manager’s talent and more the product of decades of trial and error in manufacturing plants around the world. The problem: if you are running a firm in India or Mexico or elsewhere, the best practices probably haven’t filtered through.

2009 Quality of Life Index

Balance of Payments

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