Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Contest to Find Government Waste

In his weekly radio address on April 25, Obama promised that the administration would establish a process for every government employee to submit their ideas on how their agency can save money and perform better. "Americans across the country know that the best ideas often come from workers -- not just management," Obama said in the speech.

The "SAVE Award," which stands for Securing Americans Value and Efficiency, is open to all federal employees, and only people with government e-mail addresses will be able to submit suggestions.

Entries will be judged by these questions, according to the Web site: Does the idea reduce costs in a way that is concrete and quantifiable? How does it improve the way that government operates? Does the idea have a tangible impact on citizens' lives or the environment? Is there a clear and practical plan for implementing the idea? Will it be possible to realize savings immediately?

-Search Is On for Best Cost-Cutting Ideas

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