Monday, September 28, 2009

By a Consultant for another Consultant?

Senior Budget Adviser- Timor Leste (deadline October 6)

From the scope of work;

-Where requested, report to and advise the Senior Management and on matters of budget design and execution;
-Develop the management and leadership skills of the National Director, focusing in particular on:
clear comprehension of his core roles and responsibilities;
identifying how directorate workflows fit into these roles and responsibilities;
effective delegation;
realistic workload assessment and planning; and
inculcating some basic concepts of team-building.
-Support the development and execution of the national budget in line with the budget guidelines;
-Assist in the integration of the services provided by the Ministry to Line Ministries in the areas of budgeting, planning, treasury functions and procurement.
-Build capacity within the budget and expenditure review units with a view to, over time, a greater percentage of the work of the units can be undertaken independently by national staff,
-Build the capacity of local staff to oversee the management of line Ministry budget processes;
-Support the development of new systems and processes as the budget design is gradually computerised onto the FMIS and devolved to line agencies;
-Provide advice and support to the implementation of the performance budgeting element of the FMIS;
-To instill and further develop a client focus culture in the budget and expenditure review units.
-Provide advice on the budgetary impacts of various government initiatives to the Minister for Finance;
-Provide holistic/ strategic advice on ministry issues, as requested; and,
-In consultation with the Professional Development Program director, identify training needs for staff in the National Directorate of the Budget and Planning and develop strategies to secure the necessary skills needed to ensure the long term viability of the National Budget Directorate.
-Perform such other technical and inline functions as may be required by the Program Services Directorate or the Ministry of Finance.

I've to say good luck to the Budget Adviser.

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