Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Deficit Commission and Enactment Strategies

For Discussion- Should Public Commissions include concrete implementation strategies in their reports as David Brooks alleges below;

The report from the chairmen lists some of the best ways to raise revenue and cut spending. But it comes with no enactment strategy. In this climate, asking politicians to end the mortgage deduction and tax employer health care plans and raise capital gains taxes and cut benefits for affluent seniors is like asking them to jump on a buzzing sack full of live grenades. They won’t do it.

Deficit commission leaders are not addressing the root causes of the long-term deficit

The PowerPoint

So, About That Deficit Commission ...
Tax revenues capped at 21% of GDP

The deficit commission report
Mankiw is happy, Krugman and DeLong are upset.

Panel Seeks Social Security Cuts and Higher Taxes

The deficit commission’s plan

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