Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Age of the Dashboard!

Assorted about Public Sector Dashboards.

Dashboards - A Downloadable "How To" Guide

Using Performance Measures

The Federal IT Dashboard-The Status Quo Is No Longer Acceptable !

OMB’s New Performance Principles;
He also noted the use of management dashboards, such as the IT Dashboard, and said “We plan similar dashboards for other common government functions, including procurement, financial management, and personnel management.” He also said OMB will look for ways to make agency Performance and Accountability Reports more useful. The Department of the Interior’s report may be a useful model.

Memo to IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department
: You guys need to have a close watch over the innovative ways the new US administration is dealing with performance management- some of their ideas are replicable in many developing countries.

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MAI said...

don't whether Dept of Interior report is a good one- its size is 50MB!